A Project Of National Awakening

To confront the Nigeria Identity and Poverty Question

To define the National Blueprint of Nigeria’s self-actualization and global power!

Why Nigeria Now!

Over 100 million Nigerians in abject poverty

Nigeria, the poverty capital of the world

Millions of Nigerians in abject poverty are not mere statistics. They are humans - Nigerians!

A nation in penury cannot be a national pride, nor is anyone a winner in a nation in flames!

Nigeria NOW is “A CALL TO ACTION, as we embark on a nationwide mobilization of Nigerians through city – to – city Summits, leadership development, nation building and economic re-engineering activities – to AWAKEN every Citizen to the NECESSITY of NATIONAL SELF DETERMINATION.

Our mission is threefold;

  • To address the Nigerian identity conflict and set the agenda of Nigeria’s self- actualization and global power
  • To define for our nation, a NATIONAL CAUSE vital to awaken, unite and establish the collective basis of our national meaning and priority – to provide every Nigerian with a possible national cause worthy to live for and fight for
  • To galvanize the collective resolve of Nigerians to own our destiny and rise to tackle and defeat the ravaging scourge of poverty across our nation
  • Nigeria NOW is a CALL to be part of history; to redeem our national dignity and guarantee our future of collective prosperity and freedom.

It is A CALL to join the MOVEMENT for Nigeria’s Self- actualization and Global Power!

We must Confront Nigeria’s identity question to Transform Nigeria

Who is a Nigerian? Of what substance is a Nigerian made of? What are Nigerians known for?

To emancipate Nigerians from poverty and transform Nigeria into a great nation of global power, we must be prepared to confront the Nigerian identity and character question and define the blueprint of our national self actualization!

The history of great nations is the history of men and women of remarkable thought, vision and character!

Nigeria Now!!!

To build a nation of men and women of remarkable character, and sacrifice – driven by quest for national greatness, dignity and honor.

Our Vision!!!

To transform Nigeria into a land of freedom and equal opportunities; where no citizen ever goes to bed hungry and awake, nor without a roof over the head, nor without hope for the next day, or opportunities to maximize his/her highest potentials

Our Goal!!!

To transform Nigeria into a nation of global power!

Our Nigerian DREAM! A nation of one people Under God!

Nigeria NOW;







A Great New Nigeria by Self determination! Join the Movement! Determine to:

Transforming Nigeria into a global power – Join the Movement! Determine to;

  • Innovate solutions and create opportunities where there is no hope
  • Assume responsibility and take the lead even where no one else is willing
  • Defend truth and question every dogma that retards our common progress
  • Transform your skill, career and resources into tools of nation building to lead a great new Nigeria
  • Empower, support anyone, anywhere toward our collective greatness, freedom and dignity. Discover your Passion, Transform Nigeria!

Nigeria Now Or Never

A nation you are not prepared to fight for and if possible die for can never become anything of great significance

The wind of change is blowing! The hand of the Almighty is over Nigeria to execute justice and elevate those who are passionate about righteousness and driven by the cry of Nigerian people for freedom and for a fatherland!

Nigeria has come to a defining spiritual moment of irreversible national transition! We must rise to ride this wave of divine providence and seize the moment of history!


Get empowered – Join the movement – register for the Nigeria Now Nation Building workshop, every Saturday, 4pm – 6.30pm – beginning from Saturday 20th, January 2021

Projects And Programs

The Nigerian Identity Project –

The making of the Nigerian Citizen! A national initiative to build a nation of people of remarkable character

Nigeria Economic Transformation Agenda –

A project of economic awakening to define the blueprint of Nigeria’s economic self determination and inspire Nigerians to rise to own and build their economy – to eradicate poverty

The Leadership Revolution –

Developing exceptional leaders – building a nation of transformational leaders - making leadership a national culture

Nigeria Now – Nation Building Workshops/Conferences!

Its time to Rise, Lead, Govern and transform Nigeria from poverty to a global power!

Discover your passion, lead and transform Nigeria!

The Great New Nigeria is in your HEART! We Can, We Will, We Must!