The World in Crisis;
What Next?

  • Humanity in a state of make or mar!
  • Secular/humanistic wisdom no longer capable of any new results beyond the present world of crisis!
  • Global challenges are defying conventional solutions and outpacing human ability to proffer answers!
  • Global resources are shrinking, inequality and social crisis is threatening the world
  • All across nations is growing leadership fatigue and rise of people’s power

  • Life of clarity, certainty, friendship, goodness, laughter, enthusiasm, significance and optimism is fast disappearing from the hearts of men and from the streets of the world. And humanity is speeding towards meaninglessness, disillusionment, confusion, fragmentation and exhaustion!
  • Implication – Our world no longer Sustainable! A world without human SPIRIT – LIFE; inspiration, energy, drive, vitality, passion is a world incapable of any further progress!
  • Meaning change no longer an option. Humanity has entered a season of irreversible transition.
  • A new civilization is inevitable.

It is a Generational Awakening

To INTERROGATE history and QUESTION our beliefs.

To REDISCOVER our human meaning and RECLAIM our freedom.

To RETHINK our goals and CREATE a great new world of far superior intelligence and limitless possibilities!


To advance a new world of human spiritual intelligence, culture and civilization;
A REAL WORLD of love and human freedom, friendship and blessedness, dignity and wholeness that reveals our far superior spiritual essence;
An ULTIMATE WORLD of limitless leadership, creative and transformational possibilities locked in the extraordinary heart and character of every human, waiting to be discovered, mastered and unleashed
This is What Next! A New Race! A New Civilization! A New World! The Power of a New Beginning! The Time is Now!

The Question Is?

  • Are you dissatisfied enough with the world of wealth, poverty and conflict and a life of needless struggle, fear, complaining, defeat and regret?
  • Are you bold enough to discover yourself and rise to a new life of true freedom and purpose beyond mere survival, to relaunch your heart dreams and expand your spheres of influence?
  • Do you have the quest to discover new frontiers of understanding and to seize this moment of history, to chart a positive new cause for humanity – with clarity, certainty and courage, irrespective of wherever you are on the planet?

If You Are, Then Join...

The WHAT NEXT MOVEMENT all over the world on Zoom/Webinar life broadcast, every Sunday, 7 – 9pm

The What Next Leadership Masterclass / Workshop

This is your opportunity;

  • To master our world of wealth, politics and conflict and understand how to transform present challenges into opportunities
  • To rediscover and release your astonishing spiritual and leadership power, creative and transformational potentials to thrive and lead into the future with clarity and certainty.
  • To reclaim your true MEANING, FREEDOM and SELF BELIEF to pioneer new frontiers of social thoughts and business goals
  • To seize this moment of history to partner with great minds and great hearts ALL across the globe to chart a new cause for humanity and create a great new world, irrespective of wherever you are

Philosophy of the movement

Challenge is not the human problem. The world’s problem is humanity without knowledge of their extraordinary identity and intrinsic power, leadership and inspirational genius.

 There is only ONE REASON for human challenges. Opportunity to reveal the human ASTONISHING character, creativity and leadership!

Projects and Strategies

  • Media – Live and recorded broadcasts – for spiritual self discovery, citizenship renewal and social mobilization – through media
  • The Global Economic Transformation Agenda – towards a new transformational economic civilization and material freedom
  • Leaders without Borders – the network of WHAT NEXT GENERATION (global citizens and exceptional leaders) united for global transformation
  • Leadership Ignite and Empowerment @ The Blueprint (Academy of Citizenship, Creativity, Leadership and Governance)
  • Nigeria Now – a project of Nigeria’s ethical awakening to heal, unite and transform Nigeria from poverty nation to global power